"We'll rock it"

Barbara B. - a valuable part of the BAG family for almost four decades

Barbara B. and Dr. Sachsenberg

When asked for a short interview, Barbara B. laughingly replies: "That's never happened before! So I guess I'll go down in BAG history?". She would go down in history even without an interview, because with 39 years of service she is the current record holder - even if one or two colleagues are close on her heels with just under 30 years at BAG.

Barbara B. has been an integral part of the BAG Group for almost four decades. In the beginning, the trained laboratory technical assistant started in a department that has long since ceased to exist:

"At that time, BAG was looking for an employee for the quality control of culture media. I had just become a mother and wanted a job where I could better reconcile work and family." A highly topical subject! Career and children are still a real challenge for many women even today. But "Babs", as she is affectionately called by her colleagues, was actually able to manage both at BAG. She has been in almost every department: assistant to the management, head of packaging and head of production, as well as also working in the laboratory at BAG Diagnostics. "BAG became my second family. And my husband and my family have always been on board," explains the lively woman in her mid-sixties.

She has now been Head of Quality Assurance at BAG Health Care for 7 years and she speaks proudly about all the years she has spent with the company: "Especially in the last 10 years, BAG has seen a steep curve of success. This is due, among other things, to the young management, which is also strongly involved strategically and operationally. This cooperation and the trusting transfer of responsibility is very important," she sums up the current developments.

Even when things "didn't go so well", Barbara always had a feeling of security: "In our industry, it is common for companies to be bought up and sold, but I never had that fear here. Dr Sachsenberg and also his father always said, 'We'll rock the boat' and they've managed to do that to this day!"

She softens as she recalls her most difficult time at BAG: "I was at home when I heard the fire brigade sirens. A few minutes later I got a call. There was a fire at BAG - I just thought to myself 'This is the end!'".

A defective temperature sensor in the sterile room of the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing facility had triggered the devastating fire. To make matters worse, an important inspection was due in the foreseeable future.

"There was soot everywhere," she recounts, deep in reminiscence, "The lamps were hanging from the ceilings and our machines were completely black. Employees from all departments volunteered to help clean up and sanitise. We pulled out all the stops and followed all the regulations. Within a few weeks everything looked like new and we passed the inspection with flying colours."

That was just one of many challenges. With her sunny disposition, "Babs" has mastered every minor and major hurdle. In addition, the collective spirit was certainly also decisive: "In order to make a well-founded decision, we have always coordinated as a team. This is still true today! Because at BAG it's all about the safety and well-being of people. That comes first!" This is an attitude that she also recommends to her QA team.

Her team - the QA staff - is always brought into positive focus during the conversation. Barbara goes straight into raptures when she talks about the cooperation: "Everyone is incredibly committed and always does more than is expected. No matter what the requirements are! Many of them have developed really great ideas in a short time." She is proud of the good relationship they have amongst each other. You can clearly hear that. And also proud of the fact that the BAG teams as a whole harmonise so well with one another.

When asked if there are any wishes she has not yet been able to fulfil, she answers almost a little wistfully: "I actually wanted to study pharmacy, because I know I could have done that.... I would have liked to be a pharmacist and then do the QP (Qualified Person). But then again, I've achieved so much." Which she is absolutely right about!

She laughs - a laugh that is so characteristic of her and comes from the heart - and then says with certainty: "I have worked here for 39 years with a lot of heart and soul and I intend to continue doing so!".

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