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What is leadership culture?

An important question for a third-generation family business. Since the eventful founding history of BAG, our value system has focused on responsibility, commitment to employees, customers and suppliers, forward-looking thinking and planned action. We still feel committed to these values.

Today, it is our goal to maintain these values and at the same time to optimise structures and potentials. We are convinced that this is the way to manage the balancing act between exciting further development and the maintenance of stability, efficiency and the soul of our company.

Hands symbolise teamwork

The BAG management team

Shaping the future together

As a leadership team, it is important to set the course and create visions for the markets of tomorrow. At the same time, we see it as our task to promote dynamic and self-organised teams and to take everyone in our organisation along on "the journey to tomorrow".

We are very grateful to be able to work with so many extraordinary people who - we completely agree with Elbert Hubbard - no machine in this world can replace.

I grow with and at BAG - today more than ever! As an entrepreneur and as a human being. BAG is the best example of how it is possible to cultivate a valuable culture and at the same time act globally and innovatively. It makes me proud to know that I have a team at my side that wants to shape the future of this company together with me. I feel a responsibility towards these people. A responsibility that I am happy to take on!

Dr. Sachsenberg

Managing Director and Owner of the BAG Group

Dr. Sachsenberg
Dr. Ingo D. Meier

Our business is absolutely exciting! We are in the service of health, developing products on which lives literally depend. We cannot afford any mistakes. At the same time, we react extremely quickly to market demands. The current pandemic is the best example of this. We succeed thanks to a first-class team with a mix of experienced and young people. Interdisciplinary and visionary, they produce incredible results!

Dr. Ingo D. Meier

Geschäftsbereichsleiter der BAG Diagnostics GmbH

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