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2019 // BAG Group

BAG Healthcare GmbH is split into BAG Healthcare GmbH, BAG Diagnostics GmbH & BAG Holding GmbH. Together they form the BAG Group.

2011 // BAG Diagnostics

R&D department is established in the field of molecular genetic diagnostics

2009 // BAG Diagnostics

Market launch of the first fully automated SSO-based molecular genetic analysis system ("Mr. Spot")

2007 // BAG Health Care

Corporate identity is relaunched and renamed BAG Health Care GmbH

2004 // BAG Health Care

2004-2008: Building extensions in the area of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing: The freeze-drying capacities are quadrupled.

2001 // BAG Group

Dr. med. Nicolas Sachsenberg takes over the management in the 3rd generation

1996 // BAG Diagnostics

Entry into nucleic acid diagnostics

1993 // BAG Group

New logo is introduced

1993 // BAG Group

Renaming of Biologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft GmbH to Biologisches Analysensystem GmbH

1990 // BAG Diagnostics

Start of HLA production

1989 // BAG Group

Entry of Hannover Finanz as first and long-standing private equity partner

1981 // BAG Group

Second Logo -   Renaming to Biologische Analysensystem GmbH

Neues BAG Logo 1981
1972 // BAG Diagnostics

Introduction of biochemical technologies for the detection of bacteria and fungi

1970 // BAG Group

Margaretha Sachsenberg joins the company management

1969 // BAG Diagnostics

Set-up service organisation of diagnostics for hospital laboratories

1969 // BAG Diagnostics

The former Lich Municipal Hospital for diagnostics and pharmaceutical production is leased

1967 // BAG Health Care

Beginning of made-to-order production of injectables for pharmaceutical companies

1965 // BAG Group

Klaus J. Sachsenberg takes over the management. Biologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft GmbH is restructured to a manufacturing company

1949 // BAG Group

1949 - 1973: Professor Walter Menk, Scientific Director of the BAG

Professor Walter Menk
1947 // BAG Group

First logo - Biologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft GmbH

Erstes Logo - Biologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft GmbH
1947 // BAG Group

BAG founded by Gotthard Sachsenberg and first laboratory in the old Lich Castle - small-scale penicillin production

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